The Controversial Home Park Concept

The concept of a home garden to grow following the times and one of the most developed garden concept in big cities is the concept of a minimalist garden. Lots of housing that began to use the concept of a minimalist garden as a reference. The problem so many different opinions about the concept of a minimalist garden. Whether it’s a designer or a Katy Landscaping service. Until now there are some opinions that busy discussed among gardeners out there admin do not want one to explain the concept of this one park because the concept of a minimalist garden has a variety of perceptions and different viewpoints, it depends on how much knowledge of the service. Is using the contour of the garden, the pattern of planting is directed to the formation of a view object that is formed by a boast or oval with combined with the contour of the park.

The concept of a minimalist garden combined with the contour of the park will experience a collision because it does not refer to the concept of building rules, this is because the minimalist house tends to be perpendicular. The park can be divided into natural gardens and artificial gardens. The gardens that are often encountered are residential parks, environmental parks, playgrounds, recreational parks, botanical gardens. Park encountered as a residential garden, an environmental park, playground, office park, city park, school park, park tour etc. The park is divided into natural gardens and man-made gardens. In making the Garden there are two elements to be done, namely SoftMaterial, including planting of Grass and Grass.- Hard Field, including the making, is Stepping Stone Fish Pond, Gazebo Stone Garden Lights, Drainage Statue, Park Bench, etc.

There are several types of parks that you can make for your home, including the Japanese Garden, as the name implies, the Japanese garden is a type of park that is adapted from the Land of the Rising Sun. This type of garden, of course, has typical characteristics of plants and ornaments typical Japanese such as bonsai, bamboo, wind chimes, rocks and ponds koi fish. The Japanese garden is very suitable for a minimalist house with a record of the use of ornaments that are not too thick. One benchmark that can be used to determine whether a garden is a minimalist garden or not is the area of ??the park and the use of ornaments in it. If the park is built not so spacious with ornaments that are quite simple, then the park can be classified as a minimalist garden.