Synthetic ice rink magic ice that won’t melt easily

The ice skating rink should be built in the mall. The reasonis because synthetic ice rink ice skating is not the main sport in this country. So, people will not be interested to visit a special ice skating place. Because the equipment to build the synthetic ice rink is mostly imported, the investment cost is considerable. The biggest investment is on the purchase of German chiller machines to keep ice frozen and ice-coating cars imported from Canada under the Zamboni brand. the main focus lies in the development of the synthetic ice rink arena because it must meet international standards. Bx Rink works with vendors from Europe who already understand in establishing ice skating rink. The ice on this skating rink is made by a chiller machine.

In order to keep the ice beam flat, synthetic ice rink Sky Rink and Bx Rink use ice-coating car. In a day, this car is used four to five times to coat and flatten the ice. The duration of the coating ranges from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. When the ice is coated, this ice rink must be emptied. Therefore, synthetic ice rink takes the visitor waiting room is quite spacious and comfortable. This ice coating is an important operational agenda. Uneven surface ice is dangerous if left because it can hurt visitors who fell. In addition, the uneven surface of synthetic ice rink ice makes it difficult for visitors to skate.