Reasons Why You Should Never Rely on Hard Disk Again

It’s been years since hard disks have been the primary data storage space for most computer users. From what was originally only a few kilobytes, now its capacity can already store some terabytes very easily. But do you know, the storage media that you rely on is the biggest threat to your data now and also limit the effectiveness in each of your activities. In the work environment, everything must be connected, it is almost impossible if you assume that you will not need to access your important data from various locations. By using a hard disk, you can only access your data from within your own network. Even only accessible when your computer is turned on and you have a connection to the network. Now, what if you need to access your stored data from a remote location?

These are the major limitations of hard disks that can substantially affect your productivity. If there are other alternatives that are much more reliable and accessible, it becomes your mobile choice and dynamic. There are many ways that make you lose data from hard disk. From accidental deletion of data, due to physical damage or virus infestation. That is the hard disk storage media that can eliminate your precious data all of a sudden. Research shows nearly 6% of total hard disks produced annually are damaged within a year without any cause. This is a surprising statistic especially considering most computer users are using a new hard disk. Did you know, is there a hard disk that works without a computer or without a power supply? Of course, you must say no. The only way to access the hard disk is when we will retrieve data must have consistent power. Even if your data is stored on the network, you definitely need a PC to access it. This is a major limitation for anyone who will access data from multiple locations and under different circumstances.