Reason of Fire Insurance Claim Denied

You definitely have material such as property and buildings that are quite expensive will definitely do the insurance against your material, especially building materials, because the building is the most expensive. Damage to the building may be derived from human error and natural disaster or in terms of insurance Act of God. Insurance itself is said to work to protect your property by bearing the process of financing the improvements that occur on your property and reduce the loss of repair costs for you. Submission of your damaged goods to an insurer is called a claim. The claim itself in the submission must meet the requirements in accordance with the agreement agreed by both parties (clients and insurance). In the delivery of covenant, rules are careful in reading because in fact many of the insurance companies do not explain in detail about the rights and obligations of each party. Do not let the insurance company that overshadowed you even give you a loss. We, landlord renting to dss tenants will not disappoint you.

Learn carefully and thoroughly about all the rules as an insurance client, ranging from the obligations that you must meet and the rights that the insurer must meet against you. The most frequent example of a claimed claim is the fire insurance claim, why ?. The fire itself can occur in because of human error and natural disaster (Act of God) but most of the cases that exist about the fire is a human error, this can happen because of intentional or accidental elements. Therefore if you make a fire insurance claim but rejected from the insurance, maybe some of the reasons we have written below can make you more understanding about the insurer who refused the fire insurance claim.

Here is why the fire insurance claim is rejected because when you will file a claim letter to the insurer, make sure your submission letter is in compliance with the standard of claim filing that should be, and the contents or content contained in the claim letter in accordance with the insurance policy that you have agreed with the parties Insurance, this reason not only applies to fire insurance claims but also other types of insurance. In the rules of insurance policy, written rules of time and duration in filing claims such as 7 days from the start of the damage. For that, you should immediately submit claims on the insurance as soon as possible, or at least 3 days at the latest after the damage. This should be done by you because if you fail to meet the time of claim submission, it will hamper the work of the insurer in fulfilling your request.