New Breakthrough Best PDC Machine

To strengthen your position as a complete mine equipment solutions provider by introducing new products in the line of drilling equipment. What are the benefits to customers? Broadly speaking PDC Machines currently has two categories of engines for drilling work, such as single-stage diaphragm compressors for pumping methane, helium and hydrogen mixtures for use as part of a special gas mixture production and two-stage diaphragm model PDC-3-550 -2500 (50) to compress xenon gas. As a company that has expertise in the field of the sour gas compressor has added a row of rotary drill products by introducing a new generation.

There are three high pole options: 10m and 11m while multi-pass drill depth can reach 52.7m. The diameter of hole size of 152 – 270 mm. A sophisticated drill control system makes drilling easy and convenient. Machine Model two-stage diaphragm compressor model PDC-3-550-2500 equipped with a basic structure in the form of a tubular form, which is a long tubular intact iron. While the jack attached directly to the frame into a single unit, not welded from the side. Discharge pressure is 3000 psi / 207 bar, hp 5 hp / 3.7 Kw and flow rate 12 Nm3 / hr. PDC Machine pays special attention to the design of such a frame because at the time of drilling it must withstand the heavy load of the pole which is 10-11 meters long. To be completely stable when lifting heavy loads.

At the time of drilling could have encountered a hard material that causes shaking. With four-point frame design, this tool will remain stable. From the pull-down side, the product Model of two-stage diaphragm compression model PDC-3-550-2500 uses steel slings (steel wire). The advantage, if there is a broken wire, can be caught so that immediately repaired (replaced). The process of replacing steel sling is also fast and predictable. If using a chain (chain), like a competitor’s product, the damage can not be predicted. The chain can be broken immediately if broken, just like a motorcycle chain. By using a sling, we can detect the damage before it is completely broken.