Know the Variety of Roof Types

As a building cover, the roof plays an important role to provide a sense of security for the people living below it. The roof also serves to protect the inhabitants of the house from any outside interference and weather. Without a roof, buildings can not be called habitable and certainly reduce the aesthetic value. If you need a roof restoration, you can visit

Because of its function, the material for the roof must be strong and resistant to weather changes. Currently, the roof is available in many materials, types, or even colors. However, of course, the function and quality should be prioritized in order for the house to be occupied safely. Some of the materials below are made a choice by many people, what kind of characteristics? Let’s get to know more about the roof options for the house.

– Clay

This type of material is already very common among the public. Made by compacted, shaped, and then burned, this type of roof is very strong against the wind or during high rainfall. Although the size and variety are not much, the roof made of clay has a relatively cheap price. In addition, this type of durable, not easily weathered, burned, or destroyed by insects. In use, the frame is required and installed with a certain slope. To be more secure, key locking techniques or hooks are used in the support frame.

– Metal

The metal roof is usually sheet-shaped and made of light steel (zinc alum steel). In addition, it can also be made to resemble other types, such as shingles, clay tiles, or concrete. With a light weight, the weight of the roof frame was reduced. In addition, this material is equipped with technology that makes it can reflect heat so that the house feels cool. This species is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled, anti-oxidant, stainless, and maintenance-free. Metal roofing prices are expensive when compared to other materials.

– Ceramics

This type of clay-based finishing glazing on the top. Therefore, it looks slick, shiny, and consists of many color choices. This type includes durable material, durable color and does not require repainting. However, installation of this roof requires a minimum tilt of 30 degrees so that rain water can flow and not easily released when the wind.