How To Overcome Fungus On Leather Bags

Mushrooms can grow in bags with leather and make the appearance of white patches on the surface of the bag. Wear a soft washcloth to clean it. When the fungus is sticky on the inside of the bag, immediately clean it with a brush that is not rough then clean it once again with a washcloth You can also wear a special soap for the skin or often called saddle soap that can be obtained at the mall. Wipe the bag slowly with a rough cloth.

Leather bags should not be placed close together let alone to stick with a bag made of plastic. Be careful, sis. Dyestuffs in the skin can be absorbed by plastic bags. Finally, your leather bag can be stained just like a mushroom exposed. If you keep a bag in the closet, place a moisturizer such as camphor or silicone gel in a bag with your leather so as not to mold. You can find high quality bag by visiting